quinta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2014


I am a Christian full of defects , worthy of death for all the sins committed in this life, I am not a model and example for anyone, but I learned from my Lord Jesus , the only and eternal God who took on human form and dwelt among us , dying in cross to hold a blood sacrifice , opening the possibility of bringing humanity back to the bosom of the eternal God . There are good works that saves , Jesus is the Savior who saves . Humanity has lost by a wrong choice of our ancestor Adam, we were very intelligent beings , gifted we had our dwindling nature of it becoming what we are today , weak , cowards , liars , false and wicked , in a greater or lesser degree , but all doomed at birth by genetic death and eternal contempt . God is allowing a few millennia of human history to prove to all the creatures of the cosmos and ourselves , that if we are not connected to God , we are unable to establish harmony in our own home , let alone in our country or in the world . THE WORLD HAS NO WAY , NO SOLUTION FOR THIS SYSTEM . But you can change your eternal destiny , accept Jesus and become his friend. I wish you all eternal happiness , not momentary joys .


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